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by Brandon Stone

Help Photoblogs Return!

I made a website called You should check it out!

There are a lot of very good independent photoblogs that exist in the world. The hard part is finding them and keeping track of updates. That's where comes in. We want to make photoblogging as easy and as modern as Instagram, but without anyone "owning" your photos the way many modern services do. We care about keeping photo sharing open on the web where it isn't locked behind a walled garden and where a corporation can just change their algorithm whether you want that or not.

If you go to the homepage, you can see how it will work. The homepage shows my own personal stream of photoblogs that I follow. As you can see, I've already laid a lot of the groundwork for bringing the site back. This version is functional, but there is still a lot to do. Now I need your help to finish the job!

A Pivotal Point in My Life

I've been a web developer and consultant for two decades. I've made websites for cients like HBO, DHL, Toyota, and more. The good part is that I actually enjoy programming and making websites. The bad part is that I need to constantly chase clients to keep myself alive. If there was some way I could turn you into my number one client and get paid to work on, that would be a dream come true. My goal is to move away from client work altogether and be an independent programmer. The big question is whether that's possible.

This is why I'm asking you for help. I've wanted to bring back for years, but I haven't had the opportunity to get it off the ground yet. But now I've finally put in the work to create this site to show you first-hand how the idea can work. I hope the beta is proof that I'm ready to make the committment to you to build something real.

If We Raise $5,000

If we can raise $5,000, I'll be able to focus on finishing up the beta and create a functional version of that you can log into and start using. Right now I'm the only user, because there's a lot of work still to be done.

If We Raise $10,000

After is finished and people are able to start tracking their favorite photoblogs, I want to build a new photoblogging platform that is modern and extremely easy to use and navigate. Simplicity and elegence will be the key design philosophies. I want it to be as easy to make your own independent photoblog as it is to set up an Instagram account.

If We Raise $15,000

I'm not sure if this is a long shot, but I would love to see this happen. If we can get enough funds, I would love to release the new photoblogging platform as open source software.

The idea is very similar to how WordPress is currently structured. We will have a hosted photoblogging service that makes it easy to just sign up and create your own photoblog, similar to And the open source version will be available to download for free, similar to the way works. (By the way, everything is written in PHP/MySQL which also follows the WordPress model.)

A Bit of History

Back in 2002 I made a very simple site called It wasn't much more than a list of 15 blogs that posted mostly photography. This was back in the days when blogging was new and it wasn't easy for us to find each other. Bloggers mainly got to know about each other through comments that we left on each others sites or the blogrolls that we created. was my blogroll. It was a list of my 15 favorite photoblogs. After I noticed a few people visiting the site, I added a contact form, gave it a very minimal design, and allowed people to add their own favorite photoblogs.


This is the earliest screenshot of the site that I could find. Brings back memories of those 2002 designs! Screenshot from 2002


At it's height was mentioned in the NY Times, Time Magazine, the Washington Post and many other publications. This screenshot is from back in 2004. If you remember, you probably remember this version of it. Screenshot from 2004

Right around this time, groups of photobloggers started to form meetups around the world. I personally went to meetups in Toronto, London, Amsterdam, and Chicago and met people who are still my friends to this day. It will be great if we can bring back some of that community and build it into something for the year 2016 and beyond. was very much a labor of love and I want it to continue to be that again. If you can help out in any way, big or small, it would mean the world to me.

Any questions?

I'll put an FAQ about the fund drive down here if I start getting any questions. I'm easy to find on Twitter. Just hit that green button!

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